What Is Almighty Pixel?

March 4, 2021

Stock photo site created by photographers for photographers 

What makes Almighty Pixel different from other stock photo sites? 

As it is a stock photo site created by photographers for photographers, photographers are in complete charge. 

Photographers can sign up and publish their photos directly online without waiting period. 

With Almighty Pixel, photographers get access to Almighty Pixel’s Watermarkly account for watermarking. Photographers watermark their own photos which cuts the cost of service. With this, photographers make more from commission, 200% more. (Photographers can watermark hundreds of photos in a minute with Watermarkly.) 

How much exactly can photographers make? 

Ideally, a photo (5000 x 4000 px at 300dpi) is priced at $10, a very competitive price for the market. A 0.03% + 30 ¢ transaction fee, $1.20 service fee and .20 ¢ listing fee are deducted. So photographers can make $8 from a photo that’s priced at $10. Whether the price is lower or higher, the exact same fees are deducted. 

What are these fees? 

Transaction fee is deducted during transaction. 

Service fee is a charge when photographers request withdrawals from their balance. (There’s a minimum of $8 balance before a photographer can request a withdrawal.) 

Listing fee is a charge for optimizing the photos like adding Tags and other attributes so that they appear well on searches. 

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